“I am never good enough”

Sound familiar? Do you ever have moments of self-doubt or uncertainty? Do you ever wonder whether you have what it takes to reach your life goals and desires? Join the club. You're not alone!

How does it make you feel? Intense? Confused? Like there’s a barrier stopping you in your tracks?

Why are you not good enough? Or better worded, why do you think you’re not good enough?

Why You Feel You’re Not Good Enough

This feeling and statement comes from your unconscious ego, which manifests from not feeling content. The feeling arrives at times where we’ve created something wonderful. But at the same time, we are unable to embrace the breadth of this wonderful life. This is often because our life never truly fits the idea of what ‘good enough’ should be.

“I am what I am”

Say the above out loud. You are as you are. You are the real, authentic you. You’ve no need to validate who it is you are, you are love and you have the ability to be, to give and to receive love.

Instead of feelings of doubt and concern, try coming from your heart. Try eradicating those false truths that you’re not good enough, all because of your mind continuing to hold on to them.

How To Start Feeling Good Enough


Stay in the moment and focus on the here and now. Let life unfold as it will unfold. If you resist, you’ll suffer. Keep your focus on this moment. You are, who you are.


As we’re born without conditioning, our curiosity allowed us to enjoy our worlds. Well, up until it became a natural habit and we absorbed values and beliefs from others (such as parents, leaders, and teachers). When this is unhelpful to us, recognize the thought of ‘not being good enough’. Where does it come from? Ask yourself “is simply saying this enough proof that I am not good enough?” and learn to question your thoughts deeply, reaching out for a ‘Higher Thought’. Let go of unhelpful, false thoughts that do not serve you.


When we give power to false thoughts, they feel truer, when in fact, they’re the least authentic thoughts we have. We must recognize these thoughts as they come and go. Sometimes the thought may linger, and so does the feeling, but remember, you don’t have to stay there. Practice witnessing your thoughts, rather than believing them. And give yourself space between thoughts by witnessing them.

Now ask yourself: “Am I good enough?”

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