What Is Self-Care?

For trauma survivors, we must take the time our mind, body and soul calls out for.

When you’re ready to transform your world and create heaven in your life, you’re committed to leading yourself to a place of calmness, clarity and heaven. And how well you care for yourself along the way is determined by your health and wellbeing, otherwise known as self-care.

You know what you need to do to feel good. But are you making it a priority to do those things, or make the changes you know you need to? Or do you find yourself feeling ‘selfish’ when it comes to self-care?

We are all our own healers and until we take self-care seriously, we’re unable to take care of others. Recall the flight attendant briefing the passengers with a safety warning before every flight:

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first – then you can help others.”

 … Such a great metaphor for self-care!

As women it is our nature to take care of others, to be selfless, to give.  Which means when it’s time to look out for ourselves, we all too often forget. In fact, it is absolutely necessary to learn to care for yourself when healing from trauma.

How To Put Yourself First

When you are in your flow, you’re in your ‘now’ moment, your authenticity. This happens when you put yourself first, activating energies of self-love, self-appreciation and honoring yourself.  The result is that the Law of Attraction will bring you things that match those energies.

The Lesson here: Feel love and appreciation for yourself. Feel authentic.

Remember that giving yourself time to self-care isn’t selfish. Only you can make sure you’re looking after yourself, so do it often and do it with limitless love. You are amazing.

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