Where do our beliefs come from?

All of our views and decisions in life are governed by our beliefs. Beliefs are not always something we choose, but are created on a much more subconscious level. When we’re younger, our loved ones, friends, religious leaders and teachers passed on their beliefs to us and (sometimes unfortunately), a substantial amount of those beliefs are engrained into our psyche.

How to bridge beliefs…

Simply put, we replace old beliefs with new ones. We need to focus on beliefs that make us feel good and give them real airtime in our world. Create a more cherished, fuller life by shifting your attention to new, upbeat and optimistic beliefs and you’ll notice those old beliefs (that you never even chose in the first place!) will drift away and are soon forgotten.

There is no need to dig out old beliefs… just replace them with new beliefs.

How do we de-construct belief systems that are limiting us?

Think of a belief that limits you. And if you’re not sure of one, then to identify it, think of a belief you have that makes you feel negative emotion – sadness, anger or frustration. The great thing about bridging beliefs is that we don’t need to re-live the negative emotion. If we focus too hard on the limiting belief, we’re giving it the attention it needs to keep having such a powerful impact on us. So to do this best, we don’t need to concentrate on only ‘deactivating’ limiting beliefs, but actually focus our approach on activating new beliefs. And ironically, this is how we succeed at deactivating the old limiting beliefs.

Make sense? If you’re having trouble with limiting beliefs or want to take a deeper dive into how you can make belief transformation in your life, then please reach out to me for a free consultation. We need to give less (or no!) airtime to limiting beliefs and all the airtime to beliefs which will help us heal and create a happier, healthier way of life.

Focus on what you want and not what you don’t want, and you’re halfway there.

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