Our experience of life is based on three things.

They’re three things you can’t see, touch or feel.

They are three principles: Mind. Consciousness. Thought.

And they help us make sense of our true nature. Also known as our ‘essence’. It’s the nature of who we really are. It’s so important we understand this, to make the most of our existence and experience in this world. As I say, they’re three invisible principles, which are instrumental to the life we experience.

Principle 1: Mind

The power of the mind

The mind is not our thoughts. It’s the formless energy behind the intelligence within it. And behind all the functioning is your beating heart, circulating blood and breathing lungs. It all works without us needing to do a single thing. It creates everything you see in the moment. In fact, many refer to the mind as God, Infinite Intelligence, Source and many more.

Principle 2: Consciousness.

The power of consciousness

Also known as our pure awareness, our consciousness is not a physical thing. Being conscious is knowing what is around us and how we experience it. It is the power to be aware, and to be aware that we’re aware. Our consciousness gives us the capacity to experience all that we desire in that moment. It brings our thoughts to life. It is the ‘I Am’ and the reason we’re able to choose to create heaven, wherever ‘I Am’.

Principle 3: Thought

The power of thought

Thought is considered a pure, impersonal substance allowing us to create thought-forms. Not only this, but it allows us to experience life through our own reality. It’s what makes each and every one of us unique, and our own individual. Our thoughts are our stories, memories, perceptions, values and beliefs. Our thoughts are our dreams.

The Power of the Three Principles

You’ll notice I introduce each principle with the ‘power of…’. I do this because all three principles give you power and control to live life on your terms. They empower you to open your heart to a cherished, authentic life, which are full of enjoyable, meaningful relationships.

Do you know your true essence?

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