How do you make the biggest and most important decisions in your life? It’s a question we don’t actively ask ourselves, but let’s think about it for a second.

When we have a decision to make, or a question that needs answering, we often look outside of ourselves for answers. Why not start tapping into the most incredible and insightful resource we have? Introducing your intuition.

Do you hear, sense, feel or tune into who you are?

Our intuition (or subconscious mind) is a true gift that always provides the self-awareness we need when we’re confronted with those big decisions and important questions in life. It guides us to our best possible direction, and gives us the answer that is beyond doubt, what is true for you. And for those on a journey of overcoming trauma, it is an invaluable tool. On previous blog posts, I’ve shared how intuition can help you heal from trauma.                     

The energy of intuition

Your intuition is the energy source behind who you are and the direct connection to your authentic self. Listen to your inner voice and become aware that it’s influencing everything you do.

Connect with this energy by shifting out of your head and into a more intuitive mind-set, by asking yourself:

  • What does your heart say?

  • What do I feel here?

  • What does my spirit or internal guidance say?

Listen to your intuitive voice

Your intuitive voice is spontaneous; it’s a feeling that comes from within for (what seems like) no real reason. You can start tapping into your intuition right away; it’s far easier than you’d think and is a truly spiritual and authentic experience.

But how do you know when you’re listening to your intuitive voice? Well, when you next hear it, don’t ignore it. Acknowledge it, say it out loud and you’ll remember it. And never ask if it’s right or wrong.

If you’re still unsure, then ask if it feels true to you? Your intuition is an energy that will open and expand - you will FEEL it. And if you don’t, it’s your head talking, and not your intuition.

Once you’ve started embracing your intuition, celebrate it, and praise yourself for an important connection you’ve made with your authentic self, the real YOU. Take pleasure in being informed with your heart. You are now present; you’re feeling, listening and responding. This is your heartbeat and your life force bringing you back home, to love.

If you want to learn more about the role your intuition plays on your journey to inner peace, then turn to me for guidance by contacting me today.