What is meditation?

With the chaos of modern day life, it’s easy to feel stressed or overworked. These negative emotions can make us tired, unhappy and frustrated. But when we learn to open our heart to meditation we can overcome these negative emotions, and find inner peace and balance.

Once we master the art of meditation, we start being aware of, and having the power to control our own feelings; to have the strength to transform our mindset from a negative to a positive place.

For a practice that is thousands of years old, it’s only in recent years where we’ve seen a huge uplift in the number of people taking up meditation. Whether it’s by humming, breathing, singing, listening or dancing, people all over the world meditate in a number of different ways. Whatever way you choose to meditate, the sensation of being still and in the present-moment can be both powerful and exhilarating.

Why should you meditate?

For women tackling trauma, we can so often have multiple thoughts racing through our minds. And even worse, it’s all too common for the negative thoughts to overshadow any positivity. Check out my monkey-mind management article to understand more about how you can witness those thoughts and even label your mind’s characters (or minions as I like to call them). Differently though, meditation isn’t about witnessing your thoughts, but mindfully nudging them out of your head, so you can achieve a state of total stillness and tranquillity.

The aim is a transformation of awareness, which opens up potential for awakening and creativity. If you ever feel like you’re just not feeling yourself, then meditation will allow you to connect yourself to back to your source, to your unconditioned self.

How do you meditate?

It’s so important to find a practice of meditation that you can master. Because there are so many ways to meditate, and so many people who teach meditation, you have a variety of options. Practicing meditation is no big commitment. In the space of ten minutes you can be in a place of complete present-moment awareness.

I’d recommend starting with my favorite teacher – davidji.

Through guided meditations he has taught me how to move from an unhappy state to a happier, more mindful, version of me; a ‘me’ who has the power to make decisions and live life on my own terms. When you open your heart to meditation, you give your mind a special boost it needs to help you heal from trauma - from improving your intuition, to conserving compassion, to granting forgiveness.

Here is a great first video for beginners, as well as the more seasoned meditators out there:


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