Every woman out there has faced feelings of fear in their lifetime, and sadly, this is even truer for women who have suffered trauma. Feeling scared or fearful isn’t something “normal” to talk about. We think if we suppress it, it may not exist – and that’s just not true.

What is it your scared of – responsibility? Death? Life? Love? Once you address it, you can transform it and then, you can transform your world forever.

We choose not to address it because it makes us feel anxious, upset and concerned. Naturally we don’t want to feel this way, but when we do, it can be a destroying blocker in our route to healing from trauma and creating heaven in our lives.

Remember that you’re a strong, powerful woman. See that those unwanted dark recesses that pop into our heads every so often, are only in our imagination – the unhelpful side of it.

I find it useful to define fear this way:


Face the Fear

Fear is normal and is a familiar feeling to rest of the world. Accepting this as a first step will help you acknowledge that fear is a part of you. So embrace it and recognize that it is not useful to your awaiting journey; the journey to inner peace, self-love and a cherished life you deserve. View it from a place of witness and step through it and say a big YES to life.

Think about this: All of our life decisions, reactions and responses come from a place of fear or love.

How to Overcome Fear

Sometimes we give power to this barrier of fear, and it simply doesn’t deserve to hold you back. You’re on a pathway to beautiful transformation, and you have the power to decide how you experience the world around you.

To understand, witness and face feelings of fear next time, ask yourself these 4 questions:

1.     Have I surrendered?

2.     Have I surrendered enough?

3.     Is there any other way I can transform my fear?

4.     Are you coming from love, or coming from fear?

Remember: by transforming your fear you can transform your world forever.

Let me show you how. Start a conversation with me today and learn how to start your journey to creating heaven in your life – just as I did.

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