Overcoming trauma requires a whole lot of strength, courage and willingness to learn. Along the journey, you will need to be compassionate with yourself, learn to trust and start building an authentic life.

To start building an authentic life, you must start with you and your own authenticity. When you were a baby, you had an inner voice, authentic to you, your natural self. From choosing to forgive to deciding who and when to trust, it is the thing that helps us make choices that ‘feel right’. When celebrated and nurtured correctly, our inner voice can be one of the most authentic, beautiful parts of our human existence.

When We Lose Our Inner Voice

When our inner voice is not nurtured correctly, more commonly through childhood, we tend to lose touch with it. Choices become harder, and even worse, don’t feel like our own. When those around us put us down over and over again, we start believing in what they have to say. With every pain we feel, we move further and further away from our authentic inner voice.

Getting Your Inner Voice Back!

There’s good news though. Once you’ve lost your inner voice, you can find it again. I had suffered the toughest of trauma, but found my authentic voice again. And now, everyday, I enjoy days filled with desire and purpose with a deep connection to my inner voice.

Like most practices in healing trauma, we must first start with acknowledging the pain that encouraged us to lose our inner voice. Instead of feeling and hurting from the pain, we must instead change the way we view it. Trauma and the pain we’ve suffered can be seen as a real learning, which helps us become who we are really meant to be.

So next time you’re hurt or down, ask yourself:

·       What did you learn from the pain?

·       Think about the position of whoever has inflicted this pain on you - is it more about their insecurities?

My top tip would be to do this in nature, somewhere that is still and quiet. Once you’re there, embrace your inner voice by saying out loud what’s troubling you. Once you’ve said it, simply wait, listen and feel what is true to you.

Your answer will come and it speaks to your truthful, authentic voice.

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