Trauma and anxiety go hand in hand.

And anxiety comes in a variety of forms. It can pop up when we least expect it, for what seems no apparent reason. We can carry it with us for hours, days or months at a time.

Either way, the impact it has on our mindset and health can be horrific. During or after feelings of anxiety, we may begin to judge ourselves or believe something is wrong with us. It’s important to reassure yourself. And tell yourself that this may not always be true.

When we feel fear, we know it is a response to something potentially dangerous or a perceived danger. And what many people fail to realize is there’s a science behind it. There’s a part of our brain that triggers this nervous response. And it works on body memory…  Its scientific name is Magdala!

What does Magdala do?

Our body remembers all things that are dangerous from the past.

It doesn’t matter if it’s emotional or physical, it triggers a response to danger before it enters the cognitive part of our brain. Magdala then signals the cognitive part of our brain to process and determine what it is that’s going on. The feelings we get as a result are feelings of protection and flight or fright in the body. So in the haze of confusion it doesn’t realize everything is actually okay, and leads us to believe there’s something wrong.

Unless you’re aware of this feeling, the experience doesn’t feel too good, and we don’t know why we feel this way. But hey, guess what? Now you know. So you’re aware that what’s really happened is there’s been a trigger from your emotional body memory correlation, to some past memory that once scared us.

What we need to do?

It’s quite practical really. We must remind the cognitive part of our brain that everything is fine, and give it a few minutes to be calm.

What we tend to do?

Unfortunately we tend to create a feeling that something is wrong, and re-loop the emotional body memory correlation to a past memory that once scared us. Which means we inadvertently release those hormones, thinking we’re keeping safe.

As for next time…

In reality anxiety does not come out of the blue.  So next time you feel anxious unexpectedly and you are aware everything is okay, then simply follow the step above. Remind your body that everything is okay and wait ten to fifteen minutes for your body to calm.

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