Do you ever have difficulty making decisions?

This is surprisingly common in us all. So many of us find making decisions a real challenge throughout our lives. But when you also suffer from trauma, it can often seem extremely difficult.

With the limited amount of time we have available in our increasingly busy lives, it’s no wonder it’s difficult to make decisions from time to time. In a world where rushing around and being busy is the norm, we have to find strategies to help us make decisions, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Think of school tests or exams. So many decision distractors. Decision distractors are things like the multiple-choice responses you get to choose from. The incorrect ones are sometimes plausible, but incorrect.

Here are some possible decision distractors you may be familiar with:

·       Spending a lot of time in our head, mulling over lots of information, running dialog of the pros and cons

·       Experiencing past or present stress, anxiety or overwhelm

·       Feeling denied of certain feelings, questioning your gut feeling

·       Self-doubt, fear, and thought processes making it difficult to split the past and the ‘gut feeling’ present

·       Seeking advice from your well-meaning friends and family who base their advice on their beliefs, ideas and their responsibility and risk appetite

Have you experienced any of the above decision distractors?

Introducing the Left Side

I’m so pleased to share that there is a solution you can implement when in this situation. When we’re caught in our mind - the formless continuum that helps us perceive and understand things - we sometimes forget we can tap into another part of our mind. We can choose to explore a part of the mind that can actually support us with making those decisions, on our own. This is the left side.

When a decision is placed in front of you and a choice needs to be made, your brain will scan historic memories and experiences, helping you make the best possible decision. You’ll hear whispers from your intuition – the thoughts you have which may not make rational sense. It can often feel like and be described as a ‘gut feeling’. There will be reasons why your intuitive brain will make the decisions they make, but they’ll often be overruled by the more rational side of the brain.

Picture this. You have a dinner planned with friends on the weekend. Your intuitive thoughts are filled with excitement, as you’ve not seen them for a while and have so much to catch up on. Suddenly, the rational side of your brain gets involved. It starts thinking about what could go wrong; what someone might say to you and replays an embarrassing moment that happened one time, many years ago. After much back and forth, you decide to ‘go with your instinct’ and attend the event, only to have the best dinner with friends you’ve ever had. This, my friends, is the power of intuition.

You’re ready for change

You have the opportunity to make decisions on something you’re passionate about, leaving you feel euphoric every day and helping you to lead a more authentic life on your terms. Can you feel the power?

Learning to make good decisions is instrumental to living a life that’s happier and healthier.

So, how do I do it?

Just knowing the difference between our rational and intuitive thought patterns is the most important part. And now you know it – amazing!

So when you have any decision to make (big or small), get out of your head and into your body.  Tap into your Higher Self, and embrace your intuition for clearer guidance - through your Heart.

As it’s in your heart is where your intuition is…

It’s one of my favorite topics and there are so many exercises we can do together to improve your decision-making. So, book on a free 45-minute consultation with me, Janine, or contact me with any questions you have.