For trauma survivors, it’s almost certain to have experienced betrayal in our lives. When we are let down by others, our faith in others and ourselves are often broken. It’s how we react that determines our ability to recover and find inner peace afterwards. The learning here, is to remember that:

‘We have the power to control how we act’

When something bad happens to children, you’ll often find that the parents put up walls and react, rather than take action. They seek retribution. When really, they should be focusing on taking care of their child and focus on repairing the damage. This is NO different to how we should treat ourselves post-trauma. Let’s not put up walls, nor seek retribution to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Let’s look internally, repair the damage and have faith that the future is in our hands. Wonderful thought, right?

So how do we do it?

ALWAYS remember that there is a power greater than ourselves, who is always there for us, through thick and thin. Plus, it’s a power that’s always available as our source of cherished comfort, guidance and inner peace.

In times of need, reach out to your Higher Power.

“I need your help, your wisdom, your insight.”

Keep faith that your questions will be answered and DO NOT let fear pollute your thoughts to limited thinking. When we feel we’ve been let down, or people have disappointed us, let’s learn to trust. Don’t get me wrong, this is sometimes easier said than done. To be true to yourself and your values, learn not to put up walls and dread it happening again, and instead take an inspired action, where we focus externally rather than internally.

Welcome connection into your life

By opening your heart and reaching out, you’ll keep connected. So speak with me today or book your free 45-minute strategy call to get started on your road to inner peace.