What’s done is done. And all too often, we are told to look to the future and forget about the past. For trauma survivors though, it is far easy said than done.

Ironically, it sometimes seems as though the past is in the present. Everyday it creeps into our daily routine and becomes a barrier to our happiness and safety. We seek ways of coping and can often feel we’re fighting our battle alone. The truth is, we do have a choice to make. We can choose courage. And courage is the difference between continued sadness and creating heaven wherever we are in life. You may feel that it’s a choice that doesn’t exist but believe me - it’s there.

Finding the courage

All transformation in life takes courage, and overcoming trauma is no different. Courage resides within your body. So to find it, take a deep breath and feel where it resides. Can you feel it? If so, magical! If not, keep breathing deeper and deeper, and focus on it. When you feel it, this is where you gather the energy and belief to build exactly what you desire in life.

After trauma, we can sometimes feel disconnected. In moments like this, take time out to be quiet and find the courage from that spot within you, and notice what it feels like. It is this energy within that helps you take one step further to moving beyond trauma and creating heaven in your world.

I really hope this post as helped you believe in the power of courage. To take it further and to continue on your journey to healing, reach out to me and arrange a free call with me.