After trauma, we can feel disconnected. In times of disconnection, we can be left feeling without courage and faith. In a previous blog, I covered how to find faith in such difficult times. And in this short blog, we take a look at courage.

Courage is a choice. And, more importantly, it’s your choice.

How to Find it

We must first learn where courage resides in our body. So, take a long deep breath and physically feel where courage resides in your body. Got it? Amazing. Not got it? Keep taking deep breaths and I promise you will find it. It’s in this spot where you gather the positive energy and belief to build a life you desire.

When you next feel disconnected, take time out to be quiet and return to this exercise. Take a deep breath and bring the courage forward from that spot within you. Identify it. Use it. And feel it. It’s this energy within that helps you take one step further to moving beyond trauma and creating heaven in your world.

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