What is the ‘Divine’?

What is the ‘Divine’ and what does it mean on our journey to overcoming trauma? Well firstly, the definition of the ‘Divine’ is the God, Goddess, Spirit, Universe or whatever Higher Power or Supreme Being you align yourself to.

Take a deep breath and say:

“I am a unique manifestation of the Divine”

Take a second to repeat the above.

What is it you desire? This is your intention. And with intent, you have EVERY opportunity and possibility to accomplish all that you desire. Your journey is a journey of allowing. You’re allowing yourself to live a fuller, happier life and witnessing your becoming, your transformation. So throughout the journey to creating heaven in your life remember, you have the power to achieve it – it is in your hands.

What Do You Desire?

What do you want for your life? What is your end goal? These are questions of awareness we must ask ourselves to understand our true desires.

So allow yourself to feel empowered. Know that you have the ability to manifest WHATEVER your heart desires. You have a force that provides you with great wisdom to achieve it, and you possess it. It’s the profound feeling in your heart that you get when you reach out to your life desires.

The power within you exists, even if your senses tell you differently. Dream what it is you want and dream BIG, acting as if it’s already arrived. Think about what it is you desire; that true energy behind that thought brings into being what it is you desire. Let your Supreme Being know what you truly desire. You recognize that whatever it is you are thinking about, your Supreme Being gives to you—whether you are intentionally thinking of it or not.

How to Discover Your Desire

You know exactly what it is you want in life. You feel your life is overflowing with things that matter to you most. You listen to your intuition. You are perfect love. You are connected to your personal power. Your inward journey can be a powerful experience… STOP. Take a breath. Be still. Find your center for inspiration.

Remember that what you picture or imagine right now, will not necessarily feel powerful until you experience it and until you engage your energy with the value of achieving it. Not only this, the power of your thoughts can be balanced or unbalanced to what you desire and is based on how you feel right here, right now. It’s your emotional response to that thought that makes you feel good about that value; when it manifests within your body, witnessing it, and experiencing it. You draw the thoughts you need so you can experience the values where your energy is focused.

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