What is Creating Heaven Wherever I Am?

Creating Heaven Wherever I Am. It’s something I talk about a lot. So, let me explain what I mean, so that you too can create heaven in your life.

To create is to make something happen. To create heaven is to start healing and learn ways to feel happier, healthier and lead an authentic life full of love, calmness and meaningful relationships. These are things you can ‘make happen’ yourself.  You have the power.

You can create the life you want. And you have the power to create anything you desire. I create heaven wherever I am, and you can do just the same. Remember, the ‘I Am’ is the healing power within you. And I’m here to help you see the endless possibilities you can create.

You can create a new dream. You can create new values. New beliefs. There really are no limits to your power to heal and transform your life. You have the power to open your heart and build a truly cherished life from this day forward.

You're doing great...

By continuing your journey to creating heaven wherever you are, you're taking the inspired actions needed. So give yourself a big hug because you’re doing great.

Continue to affirm that you are the 'I Am' power.  And you're asking the power within you to open doors to infinite possibilities life has before you.

It’s as if you are ushering in a breath of fresh air… breathing in the “I” and breathing out the “Am.”

You’ve awoken to the breath to reach the deepest realities of life, and reach the highest states of consciousness. You are on the path to connect with your essence, your core, your soul and your heart.

Your source energy and great wisdom within are allowing you to experience a profound feeling in your heart. You’ve accepted the great mystery that you’re an individuation of the higher power or whatever Supreme Being you align yourself to. You are ready for transformation. And most of all, you are ready to heal.

Feel blessed that you’re now aware to this power within you, and feel empowered that you are the creator of heaven in your life, wherever you are.

Build your plan to creating heaven in your life with me, by scheduling a free 45-minute coaching strategy session or ask me a question today. I’m here to support you in any way I can on your journey, always.