What stress does to our body?

Stress impacts every organ of our precious body. When we feel stressed, our body releases a surge of adrenaline (similar to a flight/fright response), which speeds up our breathing. We start talking faster, taking shallower breaths from our chest, rather than slow, deeper abdominal breathing that we take when we’re calm. And as we’re taking in more and more oxygen, our heart rate and blood flow begins to accelerate! Think of the time you last felt stressed, or if you feel stressed over the next few days, become aware of your breathing – you’ll see what I mean…

Don’t get me wrong, speeding up our breath and heart rate is healthy, in small doses. If we’re constantly triggering flight/fright mode from chronic stress, the habit of shallow chest breathing can fall into everyday life, even when the stress may be over.

When we were born, we have high levels of resilience to our window of tolerance. In your earliest memory, you’ll notice you never found yourself feeling - what we now know as - stress. As trauma and extreme overwhelm beds in, we lose our ability of ‘riding the wave’ and disconnect further away from our inner peace.

The guide to a stress-free life

Did you know that even when you set yourself the toughest goals, you could achieve them without stress or self-doubt? Living a purposeful life does not mean compromising on your stress levels, and ultimately your health. Feelings of stress are so often generated by a flight or fright response to a situation, so when we can manage this reactive feeling, we can control the impact it has on our body.

Try this: Open your mind and switch off the flight/fright response mode.

  1. Breathe in for 4 seconds

  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds

  3. Exhale for 8 seconds

  4. Repeat until you feel calmer

Important:  There is no need to remove beliefs from your belief system, simply replace them with new beliefs.

I think I know what you’re thinking: How will you remember the above in stressful times? Well, here’s what I do. I have a notepad I always carry around with me and also have this saved in the ‘Notes’ app on my cell phone. In times of stress and overwhelm, I find a quiet space and find peace through this practice. If you ever find yourself feeling unsure of how you feel, then read my previous blog post, which has the perfect exercise to authentically feeling.

If your situations of stress or overwhelm are taking over your life, and want to speak to an empathetic ear, then contact me today. As you will have read in my personal story, I have been there and have practiced what I now preach. I look forward to helping you move forward on your healing journey.