What is compassion?

You may wonder why you find it so challenging to be self-compassionate. You may also find that treating yourself kindly from a place of love just doesn’t come natural to you. The trauma we’ve suffered is so commonly the cause of our inability to be compassionate, especially with ourselves.

Well, it’s time to change that.

Every one of us has the wisdom and ability to be self-compassionate. It’s a resource we need to help us accept painful emotions, so we can heal from our trauma and find divine inner peace. The greater our pain and suffering, the more we need compassion.

Being compassionate means to love, be kind to and accept yourself. It is a blessing on your journey to healing and creating heaven in your life. Every step of the way, you should be kind and caring with yourself, celebrating your wonderful progress.

The benefits of compassion

When you bring compassion to all of life, you’ll be enlightened by a shift in your thinking and wellbeing. You’ll step into a powerful emotion, to a state between being a human and our Higher Self. The energy of the feeling of compassion creates a two-way interaction. In other words, you begin to feel togetherness, rather than feelings of separation or isolation.

Being compassionate with yourself will bring harmony to the relationships you have with not only those around you, but with yourself – which is just as (if not, more!) important.

What’s beautiful about compassion is that you can choose to start feeling it right away. You can allow yourself to step into nature to connect with the earth and absorb the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Check out this 5-minute guided meditation for developing self-compassion. Let me know how you find the video, or ask me a question by contacting me.

And finally, give yourself a huge hug. You’re doing great.