How choices can create right experiences

Every day in life, we face choices, some big - some small. Are you someone who struggles making decisions? Do you find yourself worrying about the outcome of your decision-making?

When you make choice with fear, you will create a fear-based experience for yourself. In each one of us, we have to balance the experience when making choices, as we have an infinite number of imbalanced outcomes to choose from. As women who suffer with trauma, we can often feel that the safest thing to do is stay clear of making decisions, as we are frightened of the consequences. We can find ourselves making choices from a place of fight or flight mode; often petrified of the unknown consequences.

This is why some of us allow others to make choices for us – I know I used to! When they make a choice and it’s imbalanced – we often blame the person. If we allow others to continuing making our choices for us, we are left feeling powerless over the choices we have to make in our life.

Fear-Based Choices

To help us understand this a little more, think of a time when you’ve made a fear-based decision – this can be an instant decision for survival, or a longer-term decision you have made. Why did you make the choice you did? Obvious reasons to make fear-based decisions would be potential death, starvation or threat to your body. There are so many reasons you may opt for a fear-based decision – do any of these sound like your thoughts when making decisions?

·       I am scared of being on my own

·       What if I fail?

·       I am fearful not being good enough

·       Nobody will love me

·       I won’t be accepted


How to manifest your thoughts

You can choose to fill your body with the feeling of love when making choices, replacing the fear-based feeling. Choose to allow love as your focus and draw yourself the thoughts required to allow you to experience love in the future. Here are the three golden rules to manifesting your thoughts when decision-making:

1.    Open it – open your mind and authentic thoughts within you

2.    Look at it – observe the thought as if from a distance

3.    Experience it – live the thought through and be aware of how it makes you feel


If you want a helping hand to practicing better decision making, then schedule a free consultation with me today, and we’ll get you working towards a cherished life you’ve always dreamed of, which is filled with positive consequences as a result of your love-based decision-making.

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