“Thank you” is a phrase we hear all day, everyday. Whether for the gift of a wholesome meal, or from a complete stranger who opens the door for you, we give thanks for gestures big and small.

Feeling thankful is to feel grateful for something or someone. And when expressing gratitude for any experience in your life, you invite the Universe to give you more of what you want. Why? It’s simple. When you feel compassion, love and understanding from others, it brings gratitude to your heart. When you feel it, your attention is brought into the present moment – the here and now.

How to express gratitude

Are you unsure of what you should be grateful for? Or do you feel there’s not much to be thankful for?

It may feel this way, but you can choose to have faith in gratitude and it will help you find purpose and enjoy life to it’s fullest. “But how?” I hear you ask. Well, it’s very easy to start.

At the end of each day, take a few moments to focus on the blessings the day had to offer and encourage gratitude to experience deep levels of happiness, authenticity, fulfillment and wellbeing. Do as I do, and create a daily gratitude journal to note down who, or what has inspired you that day, and what has brought you happiness, peace and serenity.

Why express gratitude

Being grateful right now will result in so many positives, including:

  • A renewed appreciation for the amount you have to be grateful for moving forward

  • A happier, more present version of you, living in the moment with a greater flow of positive energy

If you’re still unsure of what you have to be grateful for, then ask yourself “what am I focused on?”. You may find you’re focused on things or circumstances you don’t want. And with this kind of focus, guess what you’ll be attracting? That’s right, more of what you don’t want. So shift your thoughts to something you do want; the things you do want to be grateful for.

Janine’s Top Tips

1.     Sit down each day and become grateful – practice gratitude by creating a gratitude journal. Asking yourself, what am I grateful for?

2.     Ask yourself what it is you’re focusing on? Is it things or circumstances you don’t want? Then shift your thoughts to something you do want.

3.     If you’re still finding it a challenge, then watch this video by Oprah, where she teaches you how to find and practice gratitude in your life.

Please share your experiences below, or to speak with me, Janine, directly, then contact me today.