How to Self-Reflect

In a world that seems to get busier and busier, it can be a challenge finding the time to focus on self-reflection. Before we talk about a fantastic way of doing this, I have to emphasize that self-reflection is a crucial tool you must learn, practice and create protected time for.

If all you have done is read the paragraph above, you’re on your journey to creating heaven in your life. So, wherever you are on your path, appreciate this truly wonderful journey to finding inner peace. So, take a second right now, and congratulate yourself on the steps you’ve already taken to building a cherished, authentic life. Well done you. You’re doing great.

So, how do we self-reflect?

My favorite way to self reflect is as simple as it is enjoyable. And it comes in the form of a short meditation.

So, sit in a quiet place and say the phrases below. Take your time and practice this, not everyone feels it first time round. As you must always be on your healing journey, be open-minded and welcoming. The more you embrace this practice, the more you will achieve.

Focus on your breath. Say to yourself “I” as you breathe in, and “Am” as you breathe out.

I am great!
I am the light of your soul!
I am beautiful!
I am bountiful!
I am bliss!
I am love!

I affirm “I Am the limitless power within for all of my healing and transformation.  I Am love.”

See, wasn’t that easy? Try and do this as often as possible. You’ll notice the more you practice it, the more blissfulness you will feel.

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