“Why are you on this planet?”

One of the most asked and discussed questions all over the world. Here are the three reasons I believe we’re here:

…to create
…to experience
…to love

And when we put the focus on our own lives, and open our heart to taking inspired actions, our lives are transformed in the most magical of ways.

What does it mean to live purposefully?

When we live life purposefully, happiness and joy expands without limits. We follow that strong, powerful and authentic feeling even when the purpose is unclear - simply because, it feels so good!

Not only this, but we step on a journey of living life deliberately and purposefully with real intention and care for our actions. We’re focused, connected and engaged in creating a cherished life that is full of consciousness of the nature and effects of it -  it is filled with the beauty of authenticity.

It’s important to remember that others may resist our improved mindset and newfound path, or we may feel a bit of fear. Don’t let this stop you. After all, feeling fear means you’re doing something really, really brave. Continue with courage and perseverance on your journey to inner peace.

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