Overcoming trauma isn’t easy.

It’s a journey of self-discovery, transformation and awakening.

If you’re reading this article, you are on the healing journey. Even if it’s the very first thing you’ve read on trauma. And you’re getting closer to an empowered life of inner peace.

Reflect on your journey and congratulate yourself.

It’s Decision Time

Today you are faced with a choice. It’s a big decision you must make. That’s right - you, making an empowered decision. So embrace it!

You’ve been hiking down a trail and arrived at a fork in the road. Now is your chance to choose the direction you wish to turn. On your journey to healing and moving past your trauma, you’ll have discovered many things.

You learn to wave goodbye to your ego and awaken your inner self. The two cannot exist within you. Yet they both arrive at the same destination.

Here’s your choice:

Choosing Will

Choosing a path of ‘will’ means you’ll be a witness to everything you say or do. Moving forward you’ll be witnessing the Self within you, and that indirectly concerns your ego. And as you start witnessing, you become aware and awaken your inner self. When your inner self awakens, your ego sleeps – they cannot exist simultaneously.

Choosing Surrender

Choosing a path of ‘surrender’ directly and immediately concerns the ego, not the Self. And when we make the ego vanish, we awaken the inner Self unknowingly!

 So, what will it be? Comment below or get in touch today to let me know.