It was a dark night.  I sat under the stars gazing into the night sky.  I saw a shooting star and thought to myself, "Could that be me flying across the sky?"  I sat with that thought and imagined that star propelling through the sky.  "Could it be me?"  I asked again.  The answer came to me and it was a resounding, "Yes!" 

We choose the path we take.  We choose the trajectory of our lives.  And sometimes our life is as amazing as a shooting star.  Life comes at you fast with all sorts of experiences.  It is in our ability to stand up and move forward that allows for the trajectory to Being.

I am on a trajectory now.  Life is coming at me faster than I can imagine.  It is all good as I am never alone on this journey.  I am always safe.  All intents and purposes to be addressed.  Flow with life.  Flow like a shooting star.  See yourself as an amazing star rising in the sky and painting a beautiful picture along the landscape of the Universe.

It may seem beyond reach but it has always been within reach.  It has always been about the journey within.  Tap into that immense, infinite heart you have and let it paint the sky.  Have no fear.  Break out from your fears and see the beauty that abounds you.  Your heart will reach many hearts.  Your beauty will glow and that glow will light up many dark skies.

Take stock in what you do have to offer no matter how large or small.  These are gifts to share.  They offer insight to the hearts and minds of others.  Be one with all as there is no separation.  Separation comes from fearful thoughts the mind conjures.  You can always return to Oneness the moment you choose.  It is always there for all of YOU to see.

See the immense beauty in all creation.  Savor the moments that often come by without notice. They come and they go but it is often in those moments the greatest lessons come to you.  Breath those moments in, bless them and set them free.  Enjoy the gifts a moment brings.

This is where joy comes...from seeing the immense beauty, such as the stars shining in the night sky.  They flicker and seem to always be present but all things change and so will all things in life.  Nothing ever stays the same as everything here on earth is but an experience.  All of life and everything here on earth is a dream born into experiences.  Enjoy the ride.  See it for the beauty it brings.  Sometimes the ride may be bumpy and sometimes it is a smooth sail.  It is all an experience that comes and goes.  It's the beauty about creating and experiencing.  How would one know the true beauty of something without having the experience of some darkness?  There is no place else for the soul to experience such.  So honor your soul's desire to experience, as it is truly you in all Oneness.  See that, feel that, hear that, touch that, be that and know your senses go beyond all that.

Mark today as a new start, a new beginning into a journey of a lifetime.  There is so much to experience and so much you will share with the world.  Breath into that...moment by moment.  Choose to savor those moments.  See the life you have chosen as Soul as it is already manifested in the Mind's Eye.  Breathe into that.  Savor those moments.  See the beauty that leaps across the night sky.

Mirror the life your Soul wants to express.  Seek its guidance...on what your Soul desires and ask for our support to carry that out.  You already have it now, step into it.  We've been waiting.  Your heart calls out to you.  Fears cast aside as the immense infinite Universe opens for that star to shine.  You've stepped into the trajectory of your life, our life, as One.  Beloved you are love.  You are the life experienced.  You are the gift of Soul.  You are the Soul of all creation.  Share it.  Be it.  Experience it.

It's been with you all along.  Your stories are many.  Your experiences are the gifts.  Share it.  Show how they opened your eyes to the immense beauty one can experience in the the moment.  Share it.  Write all about it.

I wrote this blog post in a 30-minute writing exercise where I simply let the words flow from the keyboard onto a blank Microsoft Word document.  Since that experience I Am stepping into my writing flow.  You can step into your flow too (whatever you desire that to be).. 

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