Whoever you are and whatever journey you’re on, you will most certainly have needed to make some important decisions along the way. But what is it that helps us make these significant choices? And why are they often so different to the choices made by others around us, even when they’re facing similar circumstances?

Well, this is where our values come into play. We all have a number of core values that play a part in every decision we make, big or small. Most people don’t know what their core values are and, as a result, they make decisions that lead them astray and find that they are left feeling stuck in situations that make them unhappy. Simply being aware of this is a valuable tool and can play a vital role in healing feelings of powerlessness and frustration.

My values and I

Whether we’re aware of them or not, we all have our core set of values. For me, being aware of them and making value-based decisions has led me to dedicate my life to helping people just like you, to transform their lives and overcome their trauma.

I follow seven values that you may want to consider adopting. The values you choose will help you determine the life you want, through the decisions you want to make.

So, what are they?

1.  Integrity

Always listen to your inner voice and never lose faith of what exists inside you. Pure integrity allows us all to forever feel whole and complete.

2.  Authenticity

You’re 100% committed to living (and loving!) a life aligned with your values and purpose.

3.  Compassion

Your compassion is boundless and shines throughout, helping you to naturally understand and care for your own trauma and that of others.

4.  Truthfulness 

To create heaven you must be honest with yourself and others.  You mask no secrets and share your truth with complete compassion, limitless love and undeniable understanding.

5.  Personal Development

Arriving at this point in your journey isn’t by luck, nor is it by chance; your inquisitive and curious nature to positivity in life has got you here.

6.  Authentic Love

You’re devoted to authentic love - through compassion, patience, kindness and determination to understand everyone who needs your help, advice or simply to lend your ear.

7.  Inspiration

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what life’s thrown at you… Trauma will ALWAYS pass. You inspire others to never give up hope and tirelessly reassure them that they’ll find perfect harmony within themselves.

So, what’s next for you?

These values are just a snippet to your potential world and how you will make decisions in the future. Your values are not fixed, you can choose and learn to follow any values to enjoy a cherished life, filled with love and meaningful relationships. My values have allowed me to guide people to follow the things they love in life, and have led them to a happier, more authentic existence.

Take a deeper dive into these values here, or read my full personal story to understand my journey – be warned, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

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