When do we feel stuck?

Life is not a story that’s already written. The truth is, we are of course one of the writers of our story, but it’s not just our behavior and decisions that impact it. As you well know, life doesn’t always stick to our plans; these are often changed in some way and this can be both good and bad. Sometimes this can make us feel we have nowhere to go, and we feel stuck and worry that unrealized plans mean that we have failed. We can often feel helpless and fear that we are defined by an event or circumstance in our lives, and simply cannot see ANY way of moving forward.

And we call it ‘feeling stuck’…

Feeling stuck is what it is. It’s a feeling. Most commonly speaking, feeling stuck doesn’t mean you physically cannot move, right? Being ‘stuck’ (or more accurately ‘feeling stuck’) can be a mental, emotional or physical experience – or a mixture of the three!

But what makes us feel stuck? Here are three reasons why:

1.     When we don’t know who we really are.

We can feel stuck when we’re not living an authentic life. It can often happen when we let others around us make our decisions and lead to feelings of powerlessness. And when you feel you’re out of control, that’s when you can feel trapped.

2.     When you don’t want to find out who you are

Explore who you are. Find out what is true to you. And be clear on your values. These will help you discover the real you inside, the ‘you’ who wants to live a cherished life, on your terms.

3.     When we live down to other peoples expectations

Do you often measure yourself against the expectations of others? Does this mean you’re doing things you simply don’t want to do? Behaving in ways that aren’t true to you? This is so common for trauma survivors. Being aware of this is a great place to start.

5 tips to not feeling stuck

  1. Be truthful: Always tell the truth

  2. Be honest: Let go of all excuses

  3. Be vulnerable: Expose the inner you

  4. Be open: Ask for help

  5. Be forgiving: Be open to forgive

If you want to talk this through a little more, then schedule a free 45-minute strategy call with me, Janine.