You’re ready for change. So in order to start healing we must understand the difference between your passion and your purpose. By doing so, we have a greater opportunity to live happier, healthier and start living an authentic life of calmness, control and full of love for ourselves and others.

How to find your purpose

When I started having conversations with other trauma survivors, I quickly learned that my purpose was to help them create heaven in their lives, just as I’d done. Helping others gave me most gratification and every day, I lend an ear and lovingly support those who want to heal. This was my passion… and thus, my purpose.

So when you’re searching for your purpose, ask yourself: what is your passion? When you’ve got this, work towards it and before you know it, you’ll have found your purpose in life.

How to align your passion to purpose

1.     Meditate: Start the day with morning meditation: Who are you helping? What will your efforts do to help? This is a sure-fire way to give your morning a running start.

2.     Visualize: See it. What does it look like when you’re having the impact you desire? What does it feel like? In doing this, allow the feeling of confidence to rush through you.

3.     Plan: Only you are responsible for your purpose, so plan ahead! Write down your inspired actions for the day and take care of your mind and body to help you achieve great things.

4.     Believe: To achieve it, you must believe it to be possible. So encourage yourself always, and express gratitude for your efforts.

Want to talk more?

Hopefully now you’ve learned a little more about how to align your passion to your purpose. I’d love to hear your story, so feel free to book your complimentary 45-minute coaching session with me. I look forward to speaking with you.