Whether you’re new to the art of ‘holding space’ or have been doing it for years, the impact is as powerful as ever before. Holding space for others can truly help them through difficult periods in their life and can be an important factor in their healing journey.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how we’re all sacred beings and explored how we can become disconnected to our authentic self. From time to time we forget to simply ‘be’. Here’s another way to learn to feel safe with your feelings and help you on your journey to creating heaven in your life.

Hold space for yourself and others

Through difficult and painful times, you should ALWAYS hold space for yourself (and others). It helps you dilute any pain and suffering you could be experiencing. Holding space demolishes the invisible walls that you feel are stopping you from continuing your journey to an authentic world of inner peace.

Always remember that you’re being held by a power greater than yourself. Not only this, I am also holding a space for you too – so imagine being held, imagine feeling supported.

Want to give it a try?

Here are three simple, yet incredibly effective techniques to learn to hold space for yourself or someone else:

  1. Quiet your mind and when holding space for others, be actively listening to who you’re talking to

  2. Be silent and be with each other

  3. Physical touch (give them a big hug)

There you have it, it’s that easy. You can now help bring healing through this beautiful practice. For those of you wanting to take a deeper dive into the art of holding space, Christina Lopes created a fantastic video I would recommend to you.

Discover how you can learn to hold space for others around you, and as a result become more aware of your fabulous feelings and super sensations in the here and now. To speak with me about how you can create heaven in your life, contact me today and set up a complimentary 45-minute consultation.